Economy of Thailand

Thailand is an emerging economy and is considered a newly industrialised country. Thailand is the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia.

Thailand functions as an anchor economy for the neighbouring developing economies of Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia. In the third quarter of 2017, the unemployment rate in Thailand stood at 1.2%.

Religion of Thailand

Religion Pop % Ann Gr
Buddhists 59,136,398 92.28
Evangelicals 307,305 0.9 3.6
Muslims 3,307,395 5.0

Structures of sin and vice continue to prosper, despite increasing efforts to combat them. Corruption allows unscrupulous men – in business, politics, the military and police – to enrich themselves while oppressing others. The moral blights of the sex trade, drug networks, crime syndicates and ecological degradation will remain as long as they are profitable and tolerated. Pray for the breaking of these structures of sin by God’s power.

Christian help ministries are well developed in Thailand and bearing fruit.

Pray for Thailand

Introduction to Thailand

Thailand means “land of the free” and Thais take great pride in being one of the only Asian nations never to have been imperialized. Formerly known as Siam, its ruling family has held power for more than a thousand years. Thailand is also known as the “land of smiles” due to the easy-going and hospitable nature of its people and its sophisticated culture. However, it is a place of little true joy.

With over 250,000 Buddhist monks serving in over 30,000 temples across Thailand, Buddhism is not only the largest faith but is part of the Thai national identity and permeates into every level of society and culture. Because of this, it is estimated that only one hundred Thais accept Jesus each year in a country of over 64 million people. The church remains small with around one percent of the population being evangelical Christians.

Unfortunately, many people are drawn to a lucrative sex industry and tourism. Two million children are currently involved in prostitution to pay off family debts since the average Thai earns less than 3,000 dollars a year. This scourge has led to an increase in HIV/AIDS so much so that it is the leading cause of death in Thailand today.

The Bible is available in the Thai language and many Thai radio stations daily air Christian programmes. With the growing distribution of Christian literature and a highly literate population, Thailand is a nation with the potential to see the gospel spread quickly.

If workers will go and God’s people will pray, God’s power and the truth of the gospel will transform Thailand into a nation that is truly free and full of smiles.

Geography of Thailand

Praying for Thailand

  • Pray for the Gospel to effectively permeate this culture of Buddhism, spiritism, and the occult.
  • Pray for moral conviction to fall on those who oppress others for profit via the sex trade.
  • Pray for explosive growth in the church to reach all 80,000 villages.
  • Tensions with other neighbours, including disputes with Cambodia and more notably Myanmar, from which over a million have fled disaster and persecution into Thailand.
  • Pray for the shaping of Christian leaders.

Prayer Points from Heber & Fiona

Hi Alberto,

I’ll try and give you some news and prayer items.

I’m on my way to Rosario to get treatment for my arthrosis. I also manage to see my sister Anne for a few hours and arrive home at about 10 tonight.


Last weekend we had a family camp. We were 37. It was nice to see new ladies come with their children. The Lord was good to us as we didn’t have to do the cooking or speaking this time. Heber and I were able to sit and hear the Lord speak to us as well. Relationships were built and we pray for spiritual growth in each one.

Some weren’t able to go as they were receiving visits from relatives due to the long weekend. As here you normally can’t go for a day due to long distances.

Pray for the Duré family: the grandmother, Susana, had a cerebral hemorrhage last week and is in ITU in a comma. The rest of her body functions are normal so we pray she’ll waken and seek the Saviour. Her daughter in law, Carmen and 3 of her grandchildren are on fellowship.

Yesterday we started helping children with their homework again. Ten came along. We accompany them back home afterwards and it gives us the opportunity to say hello to the mothers. Some of them open up and tell us of their problems and we are able to pray with them; even at the door!

This Saturday we recommence with the children’s’ meeting and preteens. We also start our «Life Groups» we’re beginning with 3: one for ladies one for men and another for teenagers.

I’ll get back to you later.

Yours in Christ,

Heber & Fiona

Prayer Points – Argentina

  • Pray for the local church to reach out spiritually and economically to the 500,000 people living in slums.
  • Pray for love and care from Christians toward large numbers of immigrants.
  • Pray for national church support for Argentinian missionaries being sent to foreign Muslim areas.
  • Pray that expat Christian workers might partner well with the strong national Church.
  • Pray for the sophisticated upper class, who have been harder to reach with the gospel.

State of the Economy

Argentina has a high-income economy, Latin America’s third largest, and the second largest in South America behind Brazil. The country benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base. Argentina’s economic performance has historically been very uneven, in which high economic growth alternated with severe recessions, particularly during the late twentieth century, and income maldistribution and poverty increased.

Prayer Points

State of the Church

Behind Argentina’s sophistication and postmodern facade lie intense spiritual struggles for souls. The low-key but widespread influence of the occult (Western and Latin expressions), one of the world’s highest Mormon populations and the growing Muslim population all vie for souls with postmodern agnosticism, hedonistic lifestyles, and Christianity.

Children’s Ministry: We are seeing God transforming lives of children with big needs, especially for love and affection. We are looking for more people to get involved in this ministry.

Soccer ministry: Football in Argentina is the number 1 attended and practiced sport. You will see Argentinians from all generations playing football until midnight on the numerous playing fields which offers great opportunities to share the gospel.

Church MobilisationWe visit churches, prayer groups, youth meetings and other Christian activities like mission conferences etc. to excite people for missions and show how everyone can be involved in practical ways.

Evangelism & Outreaches: Aware of the tremendous size of our country, we do not want to limit the Gospel to our living area. We organize on regular basis outreach to communities and people groups with little to no access to the gospel.

Evangelicals – challenges

Church leadership remains a critical bottleneck in further growth. Leaders who train, disciple and release other leaders into ministry and who minister in the Word and the Spirit are always needed. Pray for those involved in training through seminaries, Bible schools and TEE; there are literally hundreds across the country. Pray also for students who are hindered by lack of finance, facilities or time.

State of the Economy