Sunday Services


This is a service that is open to all baptised Christian believers. It is an undirected service, where anyone can participate as God leads, perhaps by praying, reading from the Bible, sharing an encouraging thought, or choosing a song. At the appropriate time the bread and wine are shared to recall the death of Jesus in our place, bearing the punishment due to us, dealing once and for all with our sins.

There is no 10am service on the first Sunday of the Month.


This is our main meeting of the week, which we hope has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and to which anyone is welcome.

This is an all age service, where children should feel at home. During the first half hour, we sing songs, read from the Bible, pray and have a special message for the children. There is also an opportunity to contribute financially to the work of the Church, or to one of the other organisations we support. Six times a year, we invite missionary or other Christian organisations to update us on their work, and we take up an offering to support them on those Sundays. See the section on Our Partners for more information on the sorts of organisations we support in this way.

On the first Sunday of the Month, we share Communion during the Family Service, to remember the death of Jesus, and the new life he has given us by paying for our sins, and taking the punishment that was due to us. Anyone who is a baptised Christian believer may share in the bread and wine.

During the second part of the service, the children are invited to go to their own Sunday School activities, while the rest of us learn from the Bible. We think it is important to listen to God speak to us through his Word as set out in the Bible. We believe that the whole Bible is relevant to us today, and shows us the way to have a full life.

See the section on our Sunday Diary to find out what part of the Bible we are looking at currently, and see the section on Sermons to talks given at SPC.

After the service, there is a chance to chat over a tea or coffee, and if you wish there is an opportunity to pray with one of the Elders.


This service is fairly quiet and informal, and gives the opportunity to reflect and listen to God speak to you. The format is a time of singing, Bible reading and prayer, followed by the sermon.

After the service there is space for personal prayer with one of the Elders.