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Well, we’re on the lookout for a Pastoral Worker at the Chapel. Could that be you or someone you know? Details are elsewhere on this site.

Jeremy 1.8.17


2017 New Year

Ten Top Tips for Living Alone

Our Thursday Lunch Group (mostly retired, mostly women, mostly living alone) gave lots of tips, of which this is a simplified version:

Keep social
Keep safe
Ask for and accept help
Keep on top of things
Keep warm
Eat healthily
Have Jesus as a friend
Use the phone to keep in touch and the red button for emergencies
Go out – use Dial-a-Ride and your Taxi Card
Get a pet


What a great thing happened last Sunday morning at South Park Chapel. 6 people were baptised.

At home I have been having a bit of a throw-out. I can across a black leather-bound Bible I bought around 40 years ago. I glued and taped it back together and it should last for a bit. Interesting to come across some notes I wrote in it all those years ago, looking forward to my years of Christian service. Now I look back on them and can compare those with what actually happened.

I’ve been reading Luke’s writings (mostly the Gospel) over the past year. Now I have moved on to reading Mark’s Gospel in 2017.

Jeremy  11.1.17



… OK, that’ll be me then. I’m enjoying Lent and am trying to do something in the spirit of this season. For the past few years I have tried a few different things during Lent. For me it’s a bit experimental. What I like is that Lent is temporary but not too brief. It’s long enough to get a feel of whatever discipline I have committed myself to. Maybe something entirely new; maybe something I have been neglecting for a while. I like also the idea of using the Sundays in Lent with a theme of resurrection and celebration. Jeremy 16.3.16