Pastoral worker job opportunity

South Park Chapel Pastoral Worker Advertisement

South Park Chapel (SPC) is a small and friendly evangelical church in a multicultural area of East London. We are seeking a Full Time Elder/ Pastor to help us become a church that joyfully serves Christ and has a powerful impact on the local area to his glory.

· Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

· Our ambition, is for every person in the church to live out their faith 24/7, as a disciple maker in their home, place of work and in the local area, and for all the people living around the church building to have the opportunity to get to know Jesus for themselves and become followers of him.

To this end, our Sunday services focus on systematic expository Bible preaching, so that God’s word sets the agenda for us, and are family friendly and relaxed, so that everyone feels at home. We encourage Spiritual growth through personal Bible study and prayer, and actively support a wide range of missionary organisations, through organised prayer and giving, as well as encouraging prayer for a different country each month.

We also run a fairly full programme of outreach to the local community, and we want to develop this further, in partnership with other Evangelical churches wherever possible.

SPC strongly encourages all member ministry, and is led by a team of elders. You are invited to join that team as a full time pastor/paid elder. As the only full time Elder you will take significant responsibility for the pastoral oversight of the church and leading its ministry.

In conducting your role, you will work with the other Elders to set the strategic direction of the church, and agree the division of labour. We currently envisage that you will divide your time between developing individuals in the church as disciples of Jesus, door to door evangelism and consequent one to one Bible study, and more formal Bible teaching to all ages (including through preaching).

Applying for the Role

Please apply by emailing a covering letter setting out what you will bring to the role, and why you are suitable, together with a CV, to Jason Freeman at The closing date for applications is 30 September 2017.

South Park Chapel Pastoral Worker          Person Specification


  1. An evangelical who loves sharing the Gospel with people of different nations and languages, and is willing prayerfully to disciple the people at South Park Chapel and people living nearby. To love the people at South Park Chapel and to strive to maintain their unity.
  2. Strong relationship with God, reflected in faith in him, reliance on him in prayer and confidence in his plans. A person in whose life the Holy Spirit is producing fruit.
  3. Prioritises investing in relationships with individuals to pray for them, disciple them and encourage them to live for Christ.
  4. Enjoys spending time with and relating to people of all ages and of different cultures.
  5. Strong ability to apply the Bible’s truth today, both through public preaching, small group work and individual counselling.
  6. Possess strong interpersonal skills, show empathy and be a good listener. Practice forgiveness and take a non judgmental approach to others, but able to provide clear guidance where appropriate.
  7. Able to work well in a team, including ability to organise and motivate others and secure buy in to ideas.
  8. Be a self starter and make effective and intentional use of your time
  9. A qualification in theology or excellent Bible knowledge and demonstrable experience of pastoral work.
  10. Able to affirm in life and doctrine the South Park Chapel Statement of Faith; prepared to adhere to the Leadership Statement and Core Values of South Park Chapel. Live and model a life of Faith, Love and Mission.

Desirable: one or more of the following

  1. Worship leading skills, for example competence in playing a musical instrument to lead singing.
  2. Computer skills (such as website design, operation of a sound system, ability to record and podcast sermons)
  3. Financial competence sufficient to manage a budget.


South Park Chapel Pastoral Worker

1 Over all job purpose- with the other Elders, to make disciples at SPC, through pastoral work and leadership, so that the church grows in faith, love and mission.

2 Pay attention to your own life and doctrine, to grow as a servant of Christ, showing love and hospitality.

3 Pastoral work –

a Evangelism –leading door to door evangelism, building relationships with Gospel purpose.

b Building intentional relationships with individuals at SPC through

i 1 to 1 mentoring & counselling

ii Small group leading

iii Pastoral visiting

c Bible teaching in public and private, so that the church grows in joyful trust and submission to Christ, in moral obedience and generosity, humbly depending on God in prayer.

d Prayer, by

i Sharing in the leadership of the prayer ministry at SPC

ii Praying for individuals and the work of SPC

iii Praying with other local church leaders

4 Being part of the Leadership team

a One of the Elders, sharing in the responsibility for the governance and administration of the ministry at SPC

b Sharing in leadership of services

c Conducting week day services as required, including weddings, funerals etc

d Assisting with and leading outreach and other ministry programmes

e Supervising staff and volunteers, giving direction, feedback and development opportunities, in a way that develops Christlikeness and effective ministry

f Working in partnership with other local Evangelical churches to evangelise the local area,

g As an employee, be accountable to the Trustees of Knox Trust through regular trustees meetings, and appraisal.

Terms & Conditions

Salary: £22,000

Benefits: pension, housing, council tax, utilities.

Holiday: 4 weeks


If you have all this so far this and are still interested, you may want to know what are the Chapel’s Core Documents – its Statement of Faith, its Core Values, its Mission Statement and its Leadership Principles. These are below:


These are the truths, revealed in the Bible, that all Christians acknowledge and believe.

  1. There is one God in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  2. God is sovereign in creation, revelation, redemption and final judgement.
  3. The Bible, as originally given, is the inspired and infallible Word of God. It is the supreme authority in all matters of belief and behaviour.
  4. Since the fall, the whole of humankind is sinful and guilty, so that everyone is subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.
  5. The Lord Jesus Christ, God’s incarnate Son, is fully God; he was born of a virgin; his humanity is real and sinless; he died on the cross, was raised bodily from death and is now reigning over heaven and earth.
  6. Sinful human beings are redeemed from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death once and for all time of their representative and substitute, Jesus Christ, the only mediator between them and God.
  7. Those who believe in Christ are pardoned all their sins and accepted in God’s sight only because of the righteousness of Christ credited to them; this justification is God’s act of undeserved mercy, received solely by trust in him and not by their own efforts.
  8. The Holy Spirit alone makes the work of Christ effective to individual sinners, enabling them to turn to God from their sin and to trust in Jesus Christ.
  9. The Holy Spirit lives in all those he has regenerated. He makes them increasingly Christlike in character and behaviour and gives them power for their witness in the world.
  10. The one holy universal church is the Body of Christ, to which all true believers belong.
  11. The Lord Jesus Christ will return in person, to judge everyone, to execute God’s just condemnation on those who have not repented and to receive the redeemed to eternal glory.


 These are the values that the members of South Park Chapel affirm:

The Church and it members

Assurance – A person becomes a Christian by trusting in Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Saviour. A Christian has full assurance of the forgiveness of their sins, receives the gift of the Holy Spirit and knows from the Bible that they will be with Christ when they die.

Priesthood of all believers – All Christians who can affirm the Statement of Faith are priests equally with each other, under the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only High Priest and Mediator between man and God.

Communion – Each Christian may share in Communion without the mediation of a “priest”. Communion has been instituted by Jesus as a time when we remember who Christ is and what he has done for us. It gives us the opportunity to praise and worship him, and to share together the bread and wine in remembrance of his body broken and his blood shed for us, as commanded by Jesus.

Equality before God – The members welcome any person into membership regardless of race, colour, gender, background or age who can affirm the Statement of Faith and the Core Values of this church, and has been baptised.

Baptism –The Baptism of Believers is a command of Jesus. Any person who confesses Jesus as Lord and believes that God raised Him from the dead, and can affirm the Statement of Faith, may be baptised. The church practices baptism by full immersion. This gives the opportunity to follow the example of the Lord Jesus Christ, to obey His command to be baptised, to bear public testimony to one’s faith, and to declare an intention, with God’s help, to live a life dedicated to God.

Ministry –Each Christian should participate in serving the Church in accordance with the Spiritual Gifts they have.

Elders –South Park Chapel is led by Elders, who have a special responsibility to lead and teach the church, under Christ.

Members’ Responsibilities –It is the responsibility of each member of South Park Chapel to provide loyalty and support to fellow-members, both in spiritual encouragement and in practical help. This includes support to the church in both attendance and practical assistance.

Children –Children are welcome to attend and participate in all of the services. The church welcomes children into fellowship when a parent brings the child to be Dedicated to God. The members take responsibility for teaching children about the Lord Jesus and the basics of the Christian faith, under the guidance of the Elders.

Repentance –The members acknowledge that all of us fail in various ways, but affirm that each person should, with the help of God, repent of their sins and strive to live in a way that is honouring to God. Such repentance should be recognised by the members, who should show compassion and forgiveness.

Christian Living

Bible Study –Individual and corporate study of the Bible and instruction in it is of prime importance to the discipleship and growth of a Christian. Existing members take responsibility for teaching and guiding new believers in Christian life and doctrine, under the guidance of the Elders. Members should encourage and help each other in Christian growth and with practical assistance.

Prayer –Prayer is central to the life of each Christian and to the corporate life of the church, to interpret the mind and will of God and to intercede for the needs of others. The church should facilitate this.

Evangelism -It is the responsibility of every Christian to be able to give a reason for the faith he or she has. Every Christian should seek to set out to others, as they have the opportunity, the claims of Jesus Christ. The church as a whole should organise events and activities to facilitate the proclamation and explanation of the Gospel. To this end, the church seeks both to serve the local community in whatever way it can, and to assist members in building relationships with non-Christians.

Personal Lifestyle –Each Christian should seek to emulate, serve and bear witness to Jesus Christ in all areas of life, in our interaction with other people, at work and when socialising. The church should support, train and encourage Christians in this, recognising that some people are called to full time paid Christian employment.

Money –Money and all possessions are a gift from God to be used responsibly and in his service. Members make free will offerings to support the work of South Park Chapel, and such other Christian work as the Elders may designate.

Family Life

The pattern of sexual union stated in the Bible by Jesus, is that one man and one woman should be joined in marriage for life.

Christian spouses have a special responsibility to help and encourage each other in their Christian life. A married couple should pray and read the Bible together and should instruct any children they may have in the Christian faith.

Christian parents have a special responsibility to bring up their children to know and love Jesus.

The Church Building

South Park Chapel seeks to be financially self sufficient. Funding from outside sources is only permissible where it is consistent with the Chapel’s Statement of Faith and these Core Values.

The Chapel building exists as a place of worship and Christian Service, for the purposes set out in the Mission Statement of South Park Chapel.


 South Park Chapel exists to:

Make Jesus Christ known

Disciple and encourage those attending South Park Chapel in our Christian life –in particular through Bible study and exposition.

Support and strengthen the Church locally, across the UK and Worldwide


Since an Overseer is entrusted with God’s work, he must be blameless –not overbearing, not quick tempered, not given to drunkenness, not violent, not pursuing dishonest gain. Rather he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self controlled, upright, holy and disciplined. He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it.  (Titus 1:7-9)

The Elders

The Chapel is led by at least 3 Elders who collectively are responsible for the Spiritual leadership and Discipleship of those who attend the Chapel.

The Elders should be able to affirm the Statement of Faith and agree with the Core Values of the Chapel, and be Members of the Chapel.

An Elder should be a baptised believer, who is not a recent convert. His character should be in accordance with the principles of 1 Timothy 3 verses 1-7 & Titus 1 verses 5-9.

An Elder may be paid by the Trustees of the Chapel.

Decision making

The Elders are all of equal status. They should meet together frequently and strive to reach all decisions unanimously.

The Elders should involve the Members in decision making in the following ways:

The Elders should call an annual meeting of members to present their plans for the coming year and give an account of their actions, and how the Chapel funds have been spent, in the previous year.

The Elders must take into account any comments, suggestions or questions made by a Member at the Annual meeting, or if made in writing at any other time.

The Elders should respond to the comment, suggestion or question, and give reasons if the suggestion is not to be taken up.

Leadership within the Chapel

The Elders may appoint others to various tasks, such as chairing meetings, stewarding, evangelism, conducting Sunday schools or any other tasks which is desirable in the life and outreach of the Chapel. Such appointees should attend either South Park Chapel or another Christian fellowship, and be able to affirm the Statement of Faith and the Core Values of the Chapel.

The Elders may direct from time to time how the various activities of the Chapel are to be led and conducted, so long as the principles of the priesthood of all believers, plurality of ministry and plurality of leadership, are adhered to.

Removal and appointment of Elders

An Elder will cease to be an Elder if

He resigns by written notice to the Elders; or

He has in the opinion of the remaining Elders ceased to subscribe and adhere to, in belief and lifestyle, the Statement of Faith and the Core Values of the Chapel.

The responsibility of appointing new Elders falls on those who are already Elders, and if there are fewer than 3 Elders for more than a year, on the Trustees of South Park Chapel who are in place at the relevant time, who will consult the Members, to suggest candidates, or ratify appointments.


Chapel Membership is open to all baptised Christian believers who can affirm the Statement of Faith, and agree with the Core Values of the Chapel.

A person may become a Member by applying to or being invited by the Elders to become a member. A register of Members is to be maintained by the Elders. Membership is at no cost, but implies the acceptance of the responsibilities outlined in the Core Values, in support of the church.

The Elders may remove from Membership any person who ceases to be able to affirm the Statement of Faith.

Otherwise a person’s membership may be ended if they have not attended any meetings at the Chapel for 12 months, or have expressed a wish to discontinue membership.

The Elders should not remove any person from the Register of members without first consulting that person and confirming the decision in writing.