Religion in China

Largest Religion: Non-religious

Religion                 Pop % Ann Gr
Traditional beliefs                91.0
Christians 105,382,315 7.92 2.7
Evangelicals 75,399,270 5.7 2.9

The gruesome persecution that followed the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) only gave the Church greater momentum. 

Christians represent every stratum of society in the state-controlled Protestant church, rural house church networks, and the vibrant urban professional churches.

A vast network of passionate house churches has arisen with astounding growth that can no longer be ignored. Arrests and forced closures are increasing in key areas.

In Zhejiang province, Christians are being forced to sign statements that they “originally did not understand Christianity, but now they have a more comprehensive understanding of religious belief and of their own spiritual needs they have decided from today no longer to attend Christian activities and no longer to believe in Christianity”. This is being enforced by Party officials down to village level.

A document from Leqing City in Zhejiang forces Christian teachers to sign the following: “I resolve not to believe in religion nor to attend any religious activities nor to propagate religion. To strengthen the Marxist view on religion and to strengthen atheistic education and no longer to believe in religion”.

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