Prayer Points for the Central African Republic

The business, academic and professional elite. Pray for progress in evangelism among these influential groups. Haggai Institute, Operation Africa and others are reaching out to them.

Christian literature is increasing. More than five new literature depots in the country make material available to more than 30% of the population each year. Pray for ACATBA, a national literacy programme, for World Missionary Press, and for oral evangelism work by local groups such as Evangelists without Borders.

•Pray for a peace that enables national resources to be developed for economic stability.

• Pray for availability of more oral Christian materials for the largely illiterate population.

• Pray for fully funded Christian education for nationals called to minister to their people.

•Pray that all denominations will send students to be trained as missionaries and that those so trained will not be tempted to become city pastors.

•Pray for proper coordination of Christian radio programmes and training of administrators to ensure effective ministry.

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Central African Republic

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