Religion in CAR

Largest Religion: Christian

Religion                 Pop %
Indigenous beliefs 1,968,790 35.0
Roman Catholics 1,406,270 25.0
Evangelicals 1,406,270 25.0
Muslims 843,760 15.0

Open Doors 21

CAR ranks 21 in the world’s countries where Christians face violence and persecution

•Christian civilians are caught in the violent conflict between the mainly Muslim Seleka militia and self-defense militant groups called anti-Balaka that has effectively turned into criminal gangs.

•Church buildings of Christian leaders who have denounced the violence have been burned and ransacked.

•Converts to Christianity face severe persecution from their immediate family members. They are forced to renounce Christianity through violence.

Evangelicals – challenges

Mission agencies play an important role in education, health and work with children at risk as well as in planting churches, translating the Scriptures and other areas. The largest are BMM, Grace Brethren, InterAct, ELCARG. Pray now for greater partnerships between the emerging national mission movements and foreign missions.

Prayer Points for CAR

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