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Prayer Points from Heber & Fiona

Hi Alberto,

I’ll try and give you some news and prayer items.

I’m on my way to Rosario to get treatment for my arthrosis. I also manage to see my sister Anne for a few hours and arrive home at about 10 tonight.


Last weekend we had a family camp. We were 37. It was nice to see new ladies come with their children. The Lord was good to us as we didn’t have to do the cooking or speaking this time. Heber and I were able to sit and hear the Lord speak to us as well. Relationships were built and we pray for spiritual growth in each one.

Some weren’t able to go as they were receiving visits from relatives due to the long weekend. As here you normally can’t go for a day due to long distances.

Pray for the Duré family: the grandmother, Susana, had a cerebral hemorrhage last week and is in ITU in a comma. The rest of her body functions are normal so we pray she’ll waken and seek the Saviour. Her daughter in law, Carmen and 3 of her grandchildren are on fellowship.

Yesterday we started helping children with their homework again. Ten came along. We accompany them back home afterwards and it gives us the opportunity to say hello to the mothers. Some of them open up and tell us of their problems and we are able to pray with them; even at the door!

This Saturday we recommence with the children’s’ meeting and preteens. We also start our «Life Groups» we’re beginning with 3: one for ladies one for men and another for teenagers.

I’ll get back to you later.

Yours in Christ,

Heber & Fiona