HeatherWe moved to Ilford 18 months ago, as am at home with my 3 children I haven’t had the opportunity to join with you as I would have liked.

I was brought up by my parents to have a love of all things French, so it wasn’t very surprising to think that I studied French at university, spent a year studying in Normandy in France and there I meet my husband Alberto, which was my first introduction to the island of Guadeloupe where he is from and lived for the first 18 years of his life. READ MORE



by Grace and Gershom Phiri
Grace and GershomA testimony of God’s healing power and Gershom’s recovery from a serious illness

Gershom:I had such a busy day working at Church that Thursday

towards the end of June, 2003. My body felt funny but I attributed it all to work cutting the hedge. I thought what I was feeling was nothing serious that an aspirin could not deal with. Before I go into details let me introduce myself. READ MORE

My story – Jeremy Middleton

Jeremy MI was born in Nazeing, a village near Harlow in Essex. My father’s name was Henry and my mother was Jessamine.

I went to primary school in Nazeing. As a child I enjoyed cycle rides and cricket. When I was 11, my family and I moved to Sawbridgeworth where I spent the next 12 years. Outside school my primary interests were cricket and fishing in the local canal. READ MORE


Mary Middleton


Shortly after we arrived at our new home, a man arrived at our door offering our son the chance to shoot at balloons with a gun.

Our neighbour took in stray dog which proceeded to have puppies which of course needed a lot of taking care of.

A lot of drama within a short time! READ MORE

Alberto Story

AlbertoI was born in Pointe-ŕ-Pitre, the major town of Guadeloupe, a small island in the Caribbean where French and Creole are spoken. I grew up in Baie-Mahault, a town right in the centre of the island, with my parents and 12 brothers and sisters. My parents still live in the same house where I grew up and so I go back home regularly to visit on holidays.

My childhood was spent in the outdoors, making things out of wood or metal, playing and fishing in the sea and looking after pigs, hens, and cows and enjoying the fruit of the garden. As a teenager, my passion was running and so I was involved in a track and field club, taking part in competitions at a national level. READ MORE