Stephen & Helena Brown,

A.A. 29767, Bogotá, DC., Colombia

Phone (57) 1-867-8887

12 Jan 2019


We came to spend a couple of weeks with Helena’s family on the Colombian Caribbean coast. We almost didn’t drive up because the car is having problems, but they seem to be a little worse here. After checking with another mechanic, it is now clear that we need to repair, if possible, or change the van’s computer. Pray that we would be able to find the right computer at a good price, or get it fixed. We should be heading back to the Missionary College next week.

Everyone is doing fine and enjoying the time with the family.

The new semester starts at the Missionary College on the 4th of February. Pray that the Lord would bring in many new students. So far, we have accepted about 10. Inscriptions close in 10 days!

Thank you for your prayers!

We love you,

Stephen, Helena, Ashley, Amy, and Grace Brown

March 28, 2018

Ashley, Amy, and Jimmy having a donut party with Amy’s teacher
Students and staff – 2018

Praise the Lord for all the students that He has brought us this year!

I don’t know why, but I had been praying for 50. Probably because it was the round number closest to the group we had last year. So, we have 47 students, plus 3 who have already finished, but are accompanying their partner who hasn’t finished their training. Pretty cool! So we have 50! This is the first time that we have more students in our Transcultural Course than we do in our Bible Course. (We have 2 years of Bible college and then they continue with 2 years of transcultural training for church planting.) We have completed 6 weeks, and the students are excited about what they are learning. It’s great to have a student body where almost all of them believe God wants them in missions.

Pray for Marcos, Salomé, and Kevin. They still need their visas, although we have not had trouble getting visas for students this year.

Pray that they would comprehend that they are loved and accepted by God because of Jesus Christ, that they are forever in the favor of God – His grace. This will enable them to walk in victory.

Pray That the Lord would provide ministry opportunities for the students and that He would guide them as to where and how to create opportunities to evangelize.

First semester students. Salomé, Marcos, and Dariana are on the far left.

Ricardo and Milena (upper right) have a foundation in a very poor neighborhood in Bogotá where they evangelize the children and women. Two other students, Juan and Sebastián (lower right) also work with them.  Once, Ricardo sent the children home for lunch, but instead, they found a place to hide because they got abused at home.

Pray that the town would grant us permission to build more student housing. At the moment we have room for more singles, but we need more apartments for couples.

Pray for us as a family, as well:  That we would have wisdom in teaching home school and in discipling our girls (Ashley, Amy, and Grace.)

Miguel, who sells us LP gas, his wife, Jenny, and their daughter, Natalia, enjoyed the weekly Bible study that we started two weeks ago! On the 4th of April, we will have our third Bible study. Pray that the forces of darkness would not hinder us.

You are a great blessing to us! Thank you for praying for us, for being our friends, and for your loving gifts. May God continue to supply all your needs, as we know He will. Thank you for praying for Consuelo, our teacher who has cancer. God is giving her spiritual strength and encouragement, but she is now paralyzed from just below her arms and down.

Much love in Christ,

Stephen, Helena, Ashley, Amy, and Grace Brown

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