Person Specification

South Park Chapel Evangelist & Disciple Maker -Person Specification

In summary – outgoing, entrepreneurial, motivated by love for Jesus and for the lost, a team player

Relating to God

  1. Love for Jesus. Strong relationship with God, reflected in faith in him, reliance on him in prayer and confidence in his plans. A person in whose life the Holy Spirit is producing fruit. Live and model a life of Faith, Love and Mission.
  2. A love for the Bible & committed to a life of ongoing and humble learning from God’s Word. Strong ability to apply the Bible’s truth today, through public preaching, small group work and individual conversation.
  3. Commitment to church growth and unity, as an integral part of God’s mission to make disciples of all nations, showing faith in God’s promise to build his church.

Relating to people

  1. An evangelical who loves sharing the Gospel with people of different nations and languages, and has a love for the lost, able to communicate in a way that is understood by the unchurched.
  2. A disciple maker who loves to mentor others and can encourage them to use their gifts and develop in maturity, so that with God’s help they are equipped not only to live for Christ but also to make disciples in turn.
  3. Possess strong interpersonal skills, show empathy and be a good listener. Take a non judgmental approach to others, but able to provide clear guidance where appropriate. Enjoy spending time with and relating to people of all ages and of different cultures, including a love of showing hospitality.


  1. Able to work well in a team, including the ability to organise and motivate others and secure buy in to ideas, encouraging others to take ownership, and helping newcomers quickly to become contributing members of the group.
  2. Be a self starter and make effective and intentional use of your time to achieve excellent outcomes, overcoming obstacles and managing competing priorities.
  3. Able to affirm in life and doctrine the South Park Chapel Statement of Faith; prepared to adhere to the Leadership Statement and Core Values of South Park Chapel.