Pray for Indonesia

Challenges for Prayer

A spiritual conflict rages for Indonesia. Ancient and strong occult powers seek to oppose the influence of the gospel, while modern Muslim stratagems seek to eliminate Christianity and remove the presence of the good news. Pray specifically for the binding of these powers and for the continued growth of the Church in the midst of intense opposition and growing persecution.

Indonesian believers also face a unique challenge as many of their neighbors are in geographical transition due to large-scale resettlement projects, migration, and forced relocation due to natural disasters. However, the emergence of Indonesian as the national language has allowed the Gospel to be communicated across ethnic and geographic borders as never before.

Prayer Points

•Pray for Christians to boldly demonstrate and proclaim the grace and salvation of Jesus Christ.

•Pray for peace and protection for believers amid growing Islamic momentum and expansion.

•Pray for entire families to put their faith in Jesus Christ.

•Pray for a prayer group in every neighborhood, linked with a prayer network in every city and province.

•Pray for Indonesian believers to be set free from tribalism, denominationalism, and local loyalties.


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