Prayer for China

•The massive and rapid growth has created an enormous need for further access to Bibles and sound Biblical teaching, particularly in the face of pressing moral and ethical situations and questions.

•Over 183,000,000 remain unreached by the Gospel and over 500 million are held captive to the mixed philosophies and teachings of Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Atheism.

Prayer points

•Pray for continued Church growth and pure biblical teaching amid ongoing persecution.

•Pray for Jesus’ teachings to take deep root in the culture and expose all false religions. •Pray for a renewed value for life to abolish abortion, suicide, abandonment, and human trafficking. 

•Pray for Chinese families who cannot attend their church as it has been closed.

•Pray also for teachers in some areas who are being “encouraged” to have no religious affiliation, as a sign of being a good teacher.


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